Could a discovery prove that a passage from The Bible actually Happened?

  1. An Ancient Find In Jerusalem

Whether or not you believe in God, there’s some evidence out there that makes a fairly good point about what happened back in the day, and it does line up with what the bible says. Maybe you think that Jesus was just some guy, and that’s why history lines up with him walking the earth. This discovery is one of those ones that with make you scratch your head and say, “huh. This could have actually happened.”


In 2017, archeologists found some artifacts while excavating the City of David in Jerusalem that shook both history books and the Bible. They were incredibly ancient pieces dating back to 2600 years ago. There are also structures of important interest to them.

  1. What Were These Artifacts?

In one of the structures were dozens of ancient jugs. It was found under layers of rock that had collapsed over them. The jugs had decorative seals, some with rose petal design.

  1. What Does The Rose Mean?

The seals on the jugs connect to the time of the First Temple Period of Jerusalem. Specifically, they were created near the end of the Judean dynasty. The rose was also a way to show that they were the property of the king.

  1. A Few Facts About The First Temple Period

The First Temple era started 3000 years ago, According to the Bible, that was when King David captured the city of Jerusalem. The era ended in 586 B.C., when the Babylonians came into the region, destroyed the city and exiled the Judeans.

  1. This Is When The Bible Comes In

The main Biblical reference in question comes from the Book of Jeremiah. In Jeremiah 52:13, it says “He set fire to the temple of the Lord, the royal palace and all the houses of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).” Ever since then there has been a day of mourning for the event, called Tisha B’Av.

  1. More Biblical References To The Destruction

Psalm 137 is one of 150 psalms written 2500 years ago, with nine verses tied to a tragic moment in the Bible. It describes captives mocked by the Babylonians as they mourn the fall of their city. It also serves as a way for the exiles to remember Jerusalem.

  1. Historical Records To The Destruction

Ancient Babylonian tablets from around that time spoke of the life of Jewish exiles coming into the kingdom after the destruction. They were not slaves but productive members of society. Nebuchadnezzar went to Jerusalem multiple times and destroy/exiled the people.

  1. They Didn’t Just Find Broken Jugs

Jugs weren’t the only artifacts found at the site. The findings also included burnt pottery, wood, grape seeds and bones. They were found in layers upon layers of ash.

  1. There Are Clear Signs Of Jerusalem’s Destruction

The archeologists found evidence of the destruction itself. They found pieces of charcoal, possibly from structures burned down by the Babylonians. They were dated to the same times as the artifacts.

  1. The Find Hits It Target, Thousands Of Years Later

There are more violent discoveries at the dig that add to the existing evidence. They found Babylonian arrowheads dating from around the same time. This brings even stronger proof that the burning of Jerusalem was a historical event as well as a biblical one.

  1. Signs Of A Growing City
Ivory statue in the image of a woman found during excavations at Jerusalem Walls – City of David National Park near Jerusalem’s Old City. Photo by Clara Amit, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority

During the excavation, they found that the ancient city was much larger than they thought it was. They also found this small ivory statue of a woman with an Egyptian hairstyle. Both were signs of a growing, thriving city with wealthy people.

  1. The City Of David Re-Discovered

The City of David was exposed to the modern world about 60 years ago. This was the work of Kathleen Kenyon, a British archeologist. She exposed the city walls of Jerusalem from 700 B.C.

  1. Who Made This Burning Discovery Possible? Joe Uziel led the team that found this amazing discovery. In the video, he described more details, like that not all buildings were burned to the ground during the event. Some were merely later abandoned by the Judeans.
  2. What Are They Doing With That Place?

The ruins of the City of David is a national park now, connected to many national monuments. One of them included the Temple Mount, one of the most important religious sites in the world. Most of the excavations were concentrated on the eastern side.

The buildings discovered by the archeologists were found beyond the walls of ancient Jerusalem on the eastern border. There are still plenty of questions about where they are digging, however. Once they answer those and many other questions, they will know the true scope of the destruction of Jerusalem all those millennia ago.

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